Incremental encoders

Incremental encoders

Speed measurement on rotating axes with incremental encoders. Sizes from miniature to maxi available. Optical and magnetic scanning. From standard to specially certified encoders.

Absolute encoders singleturn

Incremental encoders

Position detection over 360° with singleturn absolute encoders. Various sizes. High resolution up to 21 bit. Variety of standard, fieldbus, and Industrial Ethernet interfaces.

Absolute encoders multiturn

Incremental encoders

Position detection over multiple turns with multiturn encoders. Various sizes. Variety of standard, fieldbus, and Industrial Ethernet interfaces. The right multiturn technology for any requirement.

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Bearingless encoders


Reliable speed measuring with magnetic sensor solution.

Bearingless encoders are the perfect alternative to bearing mounted encoders, due to their compact design and easy mounting options on almost any shaft diameter. Bearingless encoders from Kübler are already used today in drive and elevator technology, for asynchronous motors or external rotor motors, or in generators, large motors, and wind turbines. Our smart technology is available for the highest signal quality. Digital real-time signal processing compensates for possible signal errors and optimizes drive control. Design your plants, machines, or motors with Kübler!

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Motor Feedback Systems for servo motors

Motor Feedback Systems

A constant dimension of 36 mm means enormous advantages for you.

With requirements from industry and many years of experience in drive technology, Kübler presents its new product family of motor feedback systems. Kübler has developed its new motor feedback systems in close cooperation with prominent manufacturers of servo motors and converters. They are based on a unique platform that offers a multitude of possibilities and advantages for servo motors. From the reduction in number of motor variants and the standardization of the mechanical connection between encoder and drive to cost savings along the entire value chain. You also get maximum flexibility when selecting the electrical interfaces.

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Linear measuring systems


Linear position and velocity measurement realized with different technologies.

Whether incremental or absolute – Kübler offers both magnetically robust and optically precise measuring solutions. Our portfolio ranges from a large selection of draw-ware encoders and magnetic length measuring systems to custom length measuring sets and SIL3 certified shaft copying systems. Kübler always provides you with the optimum sensor technology for your application. That's why we have countless ordering options and the readiness to realize modifications and special solutions for you.

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Shaft copying systems

Shaft copying systems

Absolute positioning of the elevator car for travel heights up to 392 m.

The contactless absolute measuring system for shaft copying – also called shaft information or positioning system – has an extremely compact, very robust design. In addition to the sensor, which detects the position of the elevator car 100% slip-free, it also includes the appropriate evaluation unit, a so-called Position Supervisor Unit (PSU). The safe system therefore consists of a SIL3-certified sensor and a suitable evaluation unit. This enables elevator and safety functions to be implemented in accordance with EN81-20/21/50 and ASME A17.

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Precise and reliable detection – even in harsh environments.

Kübler inclinometers can be used for any conceivable application. Their robust housing, high degree of protection and wide temperature range contribute to reliable and long-lasting operation. Their flat design makes installation flexible and simple. Their high accuracy is a special feature because it remains stable even in the harshest environments and with temperature fluctuations. So you always have an optimal and reliable measurement in your plant or machine.

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